Our vision and mission are our source of power to march forward and also the way for us to seek cooperation.

We trust each other, grow together; we practice standards and pull together in times of trouble.

Human resources are the core values of the enterprise, and are the fundamentalthe most precious, potential and vigorous resources of the enterprise. FIT always regard talents as the fundamental guarantee for corporate development, is dedicated to attracting and recruiting excellent talents that meet corporate requirements and building a high quality, high-grade, elite and top-notch, united and cooperative employee team with strong executive power and strong sense of identity which is integrated into corporate culture, providing driving force for sustainable and healthy development of the enterprise!

We are waiting for you

We are

waiting for you

Recruitment Information

View and apply for the job that you are interested in and search according to your position.

Personnel Training

FIT will provide guidance for you at the beginning of your career life, numerous career development opportunities and occupational channel for rapid growth.


On the job training for new hires

four-stage on the job training, lead the journey of the cause

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On the job training

two dimensional on the job training and in-depth career development

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Employee Center

Let’s laugh together, grow together and dream together!